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Mar 11, 2011 6:00pm EST
to keep things up. >> your organization is build energy america, what is that? >> it is a new coalition and we are now re-focused to raise the awareness among the public that it does not take much but we cannot live off of the infrastructure that was built for us and do nothing to modernize and expand that. >> jim hunter, how does the union feel about these jobs? are they really there? >> they really are. the structure of the industry changed with deregulation and changed again -- this is the electric industry and gas. but you saw that the whole regulatory system has not changed with the changes in the industry. the industry now -- it used to be mom and dad who were worried about -- dependable and reliable service in their company. now they are on by corporations. the utility is nothing more than an income source for the corporation. everybody is looking for -- building transmission -- you have people that look and say that we have contestant here which means i am making more money or my existing transmission. why would i want to build more transmission and i would get less money? >> th
Mar 18, 2011 6:00pm EDT
america did was go into the eastern european boiling water and pressurized water and we outfitted them with brand-new meetering, monitoring and system controlled monitoring so they're still able to monitor. >> i would like to take a moment for station identification. you are listening to "white house chronicle" coming to you from washington, d.c. with myself, llewellyn king, with linda gasparello, with joe matthew of sirius x m. radio, i'm doing this primarily for our radio listeners, especially on sirius x.m. radio where this program can be heard at 9:30 on saturday mornings in its entirety. we're honored to have one of the people from sirius x.m. radio on our program, joe matthew as i mentioned. you were about to say, mark? lit of difference. following 9/11, the u.s. plants really upgraded their loss of offsite power. i'm not sure i have the data to say if japanese did the same. but we made an effort through the industry equivilent of what bronco mentioned in the n.r.c. so the industry itself has pushed hard. the industry is pushing very hard, already an bulletin out to the utilities
Mar 4, 2011 6:00pm EST
around the world on the english language stations of the voice of america, and we are very glad to recognize, linda, you have some recognition of some of our smaller stations. >> we have a brand new station that has come on, madison city. it is a cable access channel in wisconsin. here is a great shout out to madison city. and that i rather like malibu myself. i'm -- >> i rather like malibu myself. i hope they will invite me out there for some discussion. >> you are an old union man, though. >> yes, i am an old union man. when i went back to "the washington post" a long time ago. >> how did it do? >> it did very well. let's reintroduce everybody here. >> you might actually of killed a few newspapers. >> its funny, when i joined a newspaper, it begins a downward cycle. i do not know why that is point i want to read identify everybody did you are listening to "white house chronicle." i am llewellyn king, the host. co hosted by linda gasparello our guests are arnaud de borchgrave. terence samuel, of "in national journal." my new guest, very welcome, daniel stone, of newsweek, who c
Mar 25, 2011 6:00pm EDT
-class america. those are brilliant programs. >> and the period pieces that pbs does. >> what are the ratings? >> huge. if they are properly done, they can still grabbed eyeballs. >> absolutely. why can we not have a drama? there used to be 10,000 radio plays out of chicago. there are no radio place now. >> i want to listen and watch. >> the thing about cheap is that it means there is less of a barrier to entry for those who have the creativity. if you look at those wonderful programs, the barrier of entry is enormous pit is enormous for the networks. but when you have got cheap, you can have the brilliance and creativity. >> there is the executive producer of "state of the union" on cnn. is a legend in the television industry. what he told me is that in between his two gigs, he went around the entire country and talk to people in the know about internet video and internet television. what he found from all these experts and a different focus groups is that people do not want this cat jumping on that the bird and whatever that is the people are putting a. they do not want it. the one little-p
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)